About Me

Well Hello Again!

Thank you for coming by! I am so happy you’re here.

NYAHCJACKSON will be a Lifestyle/Personal brand blog that will highlight things that happen in my life in a very personable way!

I started this blog because I was on a journey to find my passion not too long ago. I’ve read so so many articles about how to do just that.

I was a little misguided and tried to enter the hair extension industry but for all the wrong reasons. I scrapped that idea (because it was a very bad one) and dug deep.

I looked at all the corners of my life that I liked, like genuinely enjoyed and it was writing. I love to write papers and form ideas to engage people. I love it. So here we are!

So by “lifestyle”, I mean health, beauty, and just life from the perspective of myself as a young woman and a mother.

Parenting, sex, and relationships is as straightforward as it gets. (right?)

So on this blog you very well may learn some valuable information, but you WILL laugh (I hope), smile, and at the very least be entertained!

Love, Nyah C. J.