My Favorite Shows and Movies I’ve Seen in 2019

So I am always on the hunt for new series and movies to watch in my down time.

I think it helps to know what other people are interested in to guide your own interest or give you an idea on what you should be watching.

Anyway! Moving on. I have compiled a list of movies and shows of different genres (in no particular order) that I was borderline obsessed with at some point this year.

Most of these movies and shows you will find available on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and/or Disney Plus if not all of them.

  • Crazy Rich Asians

Available on Amazon Prime Video, Crazy Rich Asians was such a cute movie! It was filled with romance and Asian culture.

It really showcased Asians in a different way than I have known them to be, or shall I say, as the world portrayed them to be.

It was about a young woman who was in love with her boyfriend, who happened to be from a rich family in Asia. However, she did not know that he was so rich as they lived in New York.

When she arrived to Asia to meet his family, she had a rude awakening of how his family felt about him being away from home for so long and how he was in love with an “americanized” Asian girl.

  • Queen of the South

Available on Netflix, Queen of the South ALWAYS had me on edge. So much drama, so action-packed, so many plot twists, just amazing to me.

It is about a woman named Teresa Mendoza and she is sucked into a world full of drugs, betrayal, and of course the Sinaloa cartel.

She is so powerful and resilient and you would just have to see it to understand why I loved it so much. If I say too much I may spoil it.

  • Carnival Row

If you are a Harry Potter, Stranger Things or GOT fan, you will LOVE this show. It’s so mystical and captivating and I could not wait to get home to watch this show every time I left.

It is available on Amazon Prime Video and it is only one season available at the moment (a very good, detailed season).

It is a world wear mystical creatures are the minority and they are called “Critch” and humans are the majority. Critch are discriminated against for having different faces and abilities, just being born different than humans. They struggle to co-exist because humans have invaded their homelands.

Season one there is a serial killer in Carnival Row killing the Critch and no one except Detective Rycroft Philostrate wants to do anything about it.

  • Avengers: Endgame

What type of list would this be if I didn’t include the movie that ended an era, the movie of the decade (in my opinion).

This is self-explanatory and I honestly would feel stupid trying to explain the greatness of this ending and if you haven’t seen it I feel sorry for you.

The first time seeing this, was unmatched and if you’re a Marvel fan, you know exactly what I mean when I say I had tears of sorrow and joy alike.

Available on Disney Plus!

  • Spider-Man: Far From Home

Tom Holland is just an amazing actor and depicts Spider-Man how the world thinks of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Far From Home is the first movie after Endgame and I think it does a good job at conveying Peter’s feelings about how it all went down.

It also delivers with plot twists as any Marvel production should. Should definitely check it out. BUT you need to see Endgame before you do that. It would be idiotic not to.

I had to rent this on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Widows

Viola Davis KILLS EVERY SINGLE THING she does. It was amazing start to finish and she just makes you FEEL everything!

If you are a fan of movies or shows about heists or missions, you would LOVE THIS. Viola Davis and other widows, have to clean up their dead husbands’ mess and not die trying.

Daniel Kaluuya, from Queen and Slim (which I sadly have not seen yet) and Get Out, also does a great job being the bad guy, cause I’m so used to him being a good guy.

If you don’t know who Daniel Kaluuya is, shame on you!

I believe this can also be rented on Amazon Prime Video.

I have watched plenty of movies and shows that are not included on this list but these are just some that I was literally obsessing over and recommending to people like I was getting paid for it (I wish).

If you guys have any favorites you would like to share with me please do!

Like I said, I am ALWAYS hunting for new series and movies to indulge in.

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