Don’t be Afraid to Initiate Sex!

Ladies, yes, this is for you.

I am not even gonna lie, I have had a hard time with this in the past. Not necessarily because I was afraid but more so because I felt like that was the mans job.

I will say that there was a LITTLE fear because I would have hated to be rejected especially being in such a vulnerable position.

Also, I had this idea that if the man didn’t initiate it, he simply didn’t want to have sex.

I know that that’s a bad reason to NOT initiate it but that is honestly how I felt about it.

I have since realized this was so so wrong and found out that men LOVE when the woman initiates because it portrays CONFIDENCE.

Men love confident women!

Same thing goes for when us as women get on top, which I will talk about in another post.

However, you can simply initiate with kissing. It’s easy, natural, and you won’t be trying to hard, that is unless your THINKING about it as being an initiation.

You can also initiate by massages! It is intimate and you are already close to your partner so it should be easy to fall right into.

A lot of times, men do all the work from start to finish! So why not just initiate, might make for a different or better experience.

Let me know how you initiate sex or if you do at all! I would love to know!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, shoot me a message!

4 thoughts on “Don’t be Afraid to Initiate Sex!

  1. When me and my husband first started being intimate I basically attacked him and was very dominant but after having a baby it’s been hard to initiate things because I OVER THINK but, I’m working on that. For me just being more aggressive helps move things along. What about you?


    1. nyahcj

      I honestly JUST started to be an initiator with my boyfriend THIS YEAR, it was hard for me because I don’t like rejection and initiating seemed like it would make me really vulnerable to be rejected. But as I gained more confidence in myself initiating was fun and a breeze!

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  2. Kwanza Dixon

    I hate initiating intimacy and I’ve been dealing with my domestic partner for OVER 18 years! We have a 15 yr old son together and he treats my other 3 children and my grandson as his own, but I still get nervous about making the first move.


    1. nyahcj

      Oh wow!! I had no idea that it could affect women that have been in long relationships. Maybe it’s just not in your nature and that’s ok. Still don’t be afraid, especially after that long!


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