Lingerie That Your Partner Can’t Ignore

Women, including myself, always talk about how when they wear lingerie it isn’t appreciated. You might get a “you look good” and then it is ripped off, right?

I have been through this and it’s kind of discouraging because you put all this energy into looking nice for your partner just for a little compliment and that’s it.

No admiration.

No enthusiasm.

Just a compliment…WHICH by the way is nice! but short-lived and it doesn’t match our efforts.

About 6 months ago I stumbled upon “crotch-less underwear”.

I decided to order some about 3 months later…

Now, those sound reallllly kinky and to be honest they ARE…EXTREMELY.

They are super fun, they are usually one-size fits all because there is so much that isn’t “covered”.

This elevated my sex life because there is an element of surprise and everyone loves surprises right??!

Now, everyone doesn’t carry quality, beautiful lingerie at affordable prices so I’m going to let everyone in on where I got at least 12 pairs of these “crotch-less” underwear.

This is not a sponsored post (I’m not that poppin’ yet unfortunately).

Just search “crotchless underwear” and you’ll see tons of options!

I purchased these underwear as an experiment to see how my partner would react and it was SO FUN you guys, not even over-exaggerating…It was unmatched.

Me personally, I would not wear these for any old person. Everyone doesn’t deserve to see you at your best.

I would wear these for someone you love or at least realllllly care about.

Not a first date, not a one night stand, not even in a situationship.

I usually pair them with leggings or biker shorts because they are very breathable and won’t cause any friction to the girl downstairs.

If you guys have used them before let me know how it went! If you have not, I genuinely hope you decide to give them a try! And if you feel comfortable let me know how you like them!

Literally takes your sex life up a notch or two! Trust me…

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