After 3 Weeks I’ve Decided to Restructure my Blog

Guys…I am deciding to basically scrap “The Multi Mom” because I believe she is trying to solve everyone’s problems.

I’ve read so many blogs about how to blog successfully and they all say that “you need to solve problems” and I figured okay…I give great advice (so people tell me), I love talking to people and, I love writing.

I could talk about my struggles and inspire people how to not fall into alllllllll the negative things life has to offer.

However…I am not a shrink nor do I aspire to make this blog a super shrinky place where everybody comes to sing kumbaya and be sad.

I don’t want the only reason someone visits my blog is because they are sad or unhappy.

People want to be happy, they want to laugh, they want to smile, they want to be ENTERTAINED (I know I do).

Everything I talk about will be personal to an extent but VERY PERSONABLE.

So from here on out here is what I am going to do and post about daily:

  • Parenting at the infant and toddler stage (of course)
  • Relationships and sex as a parent and a young woman (oooo fun!!)
  • Lifestyle (as this will still be a Lifestyle/Personal Brand blog) based around Health and Beauty

And that is all.

If you read this and you’re like hmmmmmm I don’t know if I’ll enjoy this, I think you might get a kick out of it….No I am actually sure you will.

I will be under construction as far as deciding what to do about my other posts that are published already, the logo and the design of the site.

See you guys soon!

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