The Secret to the Best Self Love

This post may contain affiliate links which I receive a small commission at NO EXTRA cost to you! I will never promote anything that I have not tried, received bad reviews, or I truly do not love myself.

Guys. I been through some rough patches in my journey of self-love.

My love for myself was really tested after a very complicated relationship in which I will not disclose but just trust me, I was probably the worst case scenario of what having self love DIDN’T look like (picture Bella from Twilight New Moon).

That’s right you got the picture, a hot mess.

This personal crisis of mine allowed me to see that I was very dependent on others to love me. I found that after this time in my life, I was left with nothing but myself. Before this time in my life, I always had a companion; I never wanted to be alone and it showed by my many tries at love.

Never wanting to be alone is another monster I will tackle on another post but this one specifically, I want to tell you guys about a book that helped me tremendously through a time in my life where I thought I would never get out of.

THIS BOOK. was everything I ever needed. I am one of those women that goes to Google and books for just about all my problems from searching “how to sew a split in my jeans” to “how to sleep peacefully”.

So when I came across this book (at the time I worked at Barnes & Noble bookstore), it jumped out at me to buy it, so I did. I was that desperate for some guidance.

It not only helped me to get over this time in my life, but it helped alleviate my EXISTING issues with my personal insecurities such as comparing myself to beautiful and successful people and to allowing myself to cherish myself regardless of who else loved me or not.

One of my good friends borrowed this book from me ALSO during a complicated time in her life, and I still have not been able to pull her away from this book.

Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself: 40 Ways to Transform Your Inner Critic and Your Life

Ms. Deschene was truly a life saver.

If you have never needed a book to solve your problems, you might want to invest in this one because it is truly life-changing as far as how you will look at yourself and situations you may find yourself in.

Grab your copy today! (Like literally).

4 thoughts on “The Secret to the Best Self Love

  1. Me being a new mom I have the issue of comparing my current self to my past self even though those two people are very different and my past self no longer exists in anything but memories. I can sympathize with your journey in self love because that’s where I am at in my own life trying to love who am am right now. Does it every get overwhelming for you even after reading the book?


    1. nyahcj

      Hi Ricky!
      Thank you for always understanding me!
      I can truly say that after reading the book, it lessens the amount of stress and issues I have to almost zero. I feel like if you’re anything like me, this book will help you in ways you didn’t know a book could. However I will tell you this, you first have to be RECEPTIVE to loving yourself. You truly have to let go of what you FEEL like you should be and just be yourself in the moment!

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      1. Well that’s honestly the hard part is letting go, but I’m slowly getting there and I’m going to look into getting that book and maybe it’ll shed some light on things for me. Ya know I really look forward for your upcoming posts 🙂

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