The Surprising Truths about Becoming a New Parent

This article will be the honest to goodness truths about becoming a new parent. These are normal things that new parents, including myself, go through that are kind of unavoidable. It’s not all strawberries and cream.

I will also include tips and advice to weather the storm of new parenthood.

Just. Like. I. Did.

  • You are not going to get any good sleep, honestly might have several all-nighters
  • You are going to feel like you have no idea what you are doing
  • You will find that simple tasks such as showering will be difficult
  • You are going to think about your life being child-free again
  • You are going to make mistakes
  • You are going to NEED help

I struggled. I mean STRUGGLED with all of these things. But I found that I struggled the most with thinking about my life before my baby arrived. I felt very guilty for doing so though. I was just so overwhelmed with my new life. I had 9 months to mentally prepare myself but I don’t think any amount of time would prepare you for this job.

The only thing that could ever ever ever prepare you for this is babysitting for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not even joking.

However, in order to get through it, my tips are to take every day one day at a time. Looking outside of the present will just drive you crazy.

Being proactive however, which is my next tip, is very different from constantly thinking about tomorrow. Being one step ahead will save you from time crunches and unnecessary stress. Get pampers and wipes BEFORE you are down to your last pack (just one of many examples but still very true).

My next tip is derived from one of my surprising truths. Get all the help that you can get. A lot of parents try to weather this storm by themselves to prove that they are good parents. You’ll be a better parent for getting help and admitting that you can’t do it all alone.

You will need help with caring for your new baby JUST to take a shower and eat a decent meal. Trust me, I know cause this was my life for the first 8 months after having my son.

A huge tip is to sleep when your baby is asleep. A major key when your sanity is at stake. Being sleep deprived is another ballpark that I will not talk about here. Don’t become a vulture and watch your baby sleep, that will also only deprive you of your alone time.

My last tip and a valuable word of advice is to always always make yourself a priority. I found that when I made myself as important as caring for my child, I was the happiest I had ever been since having him. It may seem selfish, but I promise you that it is not.

Your child deserves a parent that is happy and lively, not a parent who is deprived of joy and always miserable. It isn’t healthy for yourself or for your child.

Being a new parent is NOT easy, don’t misunderstand, BUT it is an experience that can be made EASIER.

If you are a parent, have you experienced any of these surprising truths? And if you are becoming one, don’t be discouraged to ask me any questions or concerns.

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