How to Heal After a Bad Experience

Resilience is very different from being numb. Resilience means you experience, you feel, you fail, you hurt. You fall, but you keep going.

Yasmin Mogahed

Getting your groove back can be a very very hard process. When you have just experienced a bad breakup, and end to a friendship, losing a job. There are fundamental things that help with any situation, that you must do to reel yourself back in.

These things may be difficult, they may seem backwards. But they work. From experience, these are methods I used to get my groove back and join the people who are enjoying their lives. If you follow these three steps in this exact order, you may find it a lot easier to handle.

  • Face your experience head-on

I myself used to try to bury what happened to me in the crevices of my memory to try to forget it. I found that when I did that, it would sneak up on me in the worst way and it wasn’t pretty.

You have to acknowledge that it happened to you. You have to sleep with it, eat with it, drink with it and whatever else in order to come to terms with it. When you try to bury it, you are not acknowledging it. Think about an open wound, you cannot simply try to pretend it is not there. It hurts, it stings, and it’s not going away until you do something about it.

  • Find a meaning to that bad experience

I found that when I tried to find meanings to my bad experiences, it was a tremendous help because it gave me that mindset that yes, this did happen to me but what did it teach me, how am I going to apply this experience to create and to educate.

It becomes a part of who you are, not just something that happened to you. Yes, you may have lost that job or that friend but that experience could help you in your next position, or your friendship.

  • Spend more time doing things that make you happy

This was extremely important for me personally because it allowed me to fully get back to myself. So up to this point I have faced my experience head-on, gave a meaning to what has happened, and now I am getting back to the things that made me happy before this experience.

If you love to watch movies, do makeup, cook, refocus and make sure they become a priority in order to heal. I find that when you put your happiness above all, it is easier to appreciate what makes you happy versus what happened to you. You are now stronger, smarter, and happier.


These are three fool proof methods to get your groove back. Of course there are more things you could do to bounce back but these are the fundamentals in my humble opinion. Later in my blogging journey I will also link this super amazing book, as a bonus, that was my ABSOLUTE best friend during some of my hardest times; honestly and truly a lifesaver.

If you have any questions, comments, or want to share any of your methods to getting your groove back you’ll be able to do so directly at the end of this post.

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